Josef Lampert a Eliška Havlíková
Týn nad Vltavou (Czech), Měcholupy (Czech)


Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal 2013 (EN)

01.03.2013 07:27

2 years ... We waited two years for this miracle! Bring Me The Horizon
again rolled out with a new album and show that it is not no shit. this
album impressed me again like all the others. Bring Me The Horizon have
its style, its originality and that they remain for a long time yet
remains. With this album, I firmly decided at all costs to get
leaf at their concert in Prague.

Songs can not be too much apart, even this is not just ... matched vocal,
guitars, drums, bass ... again I am writing a review for a band that I can not on their creation
nothing to disprove or prove any malice. This album is in my heart will remain
for a long time and even longer to play. This is the best record you hear this
and I think that no other beats her with me (I hope).

My personal assessment is already described in paragraphs but otherwise this
the first time, but I give him 10/10! And that's nothing to say. I never wrote a review for
CD better than this for all my journalistic career.

You also feel like this board listen? So take the attack stores, shops, and everything
where the CD prodávaj. This is an unforgettable experience!!